July 23, 2024

I do kill my opponent in my first boxing fixture: Dallas cowboys beast set for a…

Micah Parsons, an edge rusher for the Dallas Cowboys, should never go from football cleats to boxing gloves.

Parsons and professional fighter Aj Graham Jr. are shown in a video posted by Kevin Gray Jr. of KEGL-FM in Dallas exchanging stomach punches to determine who will tap out first. The Cowboys star is knocked out after taking a single hit.

To improve himself, Parsons took up boxing over the previous offseason.

In reference to boxing, Parsons stated, “Yeah, I would say I’m a lot more dangerous, especially inside, working inside, especially when [offensive lineman are] getting on you a whole lot faster vs. the outside,” as reported by Calvin Watkins of The Dallas Morning News. “So I feel like it really helped my inside rushes and things like that.”

Clearly, Parsons was right. In 17 games last season, the three-time Pro Bowler logged career highs in sacks (14) and QB hits (33). He also finished third in Defensive Player of the Year voting behind T.J. Watt (Pittsburgh Steelers) and Myles Garrett (Cleveland Browns).

However, Parsons should stick to a punching bag and avoid sparring with professional fighters.

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