July 18, 2024

The Dallas Cowboys’ offseason hasn’t been the best. With private contract talks going public, officials rescinding their promises of what “all-in” meant, and a salary space constraint, the reigning NFC East champions are left in the dark about what the 2024 NFL Draft holds. The goal of the Cowboys has always been to use the draft to assemble a championship club. It was attempted in the late 2000s, but to no result, and it occurred in the 1990s. Dallas puts a lot of pressure on their draft selections, which is a flaw.Nevertheless, with only seven picks in the whole draft and two in the top 64 overall, the Cowboys have a wealth of needs on both sides of the ball as the 2024 selection process approaches. In other words, the Cowboys might not be able to use the entire deep class of 2024 if they want to completely rebuild their squad. COMMERCIAL One ESPN reporter, at the very least, made it apparent that the Cowboys are still the hardest club to forecast and that they might go anywhere on draft night. “Who is the hardest to mock draft for? Jordan Reid tweeted over the week, “Cowboys.” “We lack depth at WR and DL and need new starters at LT/LG, C, RB, and LB. Not much detail on

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