July 19, 2024

JUST IN: NFL analyst Jim Donovan highlights The ‘Most Important Hire For The Browns’ This Offseason….

The Cleveland Browns had a significant loss in addition to welcoming their new offensive coordinator and personnel.

Not only is Bill Callahan eager to begin this new chapter in his career, but so are Ken Dorsey, Tommy Rees, and Duce Staley.

After being named head coach of the Tennessee Titans, the seasoned offensive line coach departed the team to follow his son Brian and join his coaching staff.

Callahan is widely considered to be the best offensive line coach in the league, but the Browns couldn’t get in the way of him coaching with his son, just like Bill Belichick, Mike Shanahan, Gregg Williams, or Norv Turner did before them.

However, a father working for his son might be a first, which only made this all the most special.

Even so, the Browns need to get to work to make sure this loss doesn’t hurt them as much as it could.

With that in mind, NFL analyst Jimmy Donovan claims that replacing Bill Callahan will be the most important thing for the Browns to do this offseason.

This isn’t much of a hot take.

The Browns have relied on the running game early and often, and with Nick Chubb and Jerome Ford set to have a prominent role next season, they need guys to open up space for them.

Deshaun Watson has yet to prove himself as the Brown’s quarterback, and there’s only so much any gunslinger can do behind a subpar offensive line.

So, as much as they also need to revamp the offense and receiving corps, finding the right guy to take care of the offensive line will also be key.

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