July 23, 2024

Just in: Mark Davis calls out talents that will be lighting the torch at Allegiant Stadium for the Super Bowl on…

There is a great deal of history within the Las Vegas Raiders, but none is more significant than the legacy of Al Davis, the team’s owner and former head coach. The Raiders have earned their current reputation because to the legendary Davis. Mark Davis, the current owner, is his son.

An enormous torch that is “lit” by LED lights is present in Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. The Al Davis Memorial Torch is what it’s named. Every home game has a torch lit before it’s played, and usually it’s a former Raider or someone important to the franchise’s or the game’s history.

They will do it again for the Super Bowl on Sunday, but they will have some very special visitors who will be representing the Raiders.

“This Sunday, we’ve got lighting the torch … three Raider Super Bowl MVPs: Fred Biletnikoff, who’s White. Jim Plunkett, Hispanic. And Marcus Allen, who’s Black,” Mark Davis said on Opening Night of the Super Bow this last Monday. “The Raiders are diverse, and our greatest players are diverse… We’re very proud of it.”

I believe many Raiders fans who are outraged about these two teams playing in their stadium will be delighted when they witness three of the best Raiders ever light the torch. The Raiders get to do that at the Super Bowl, where the entire world will be watching.

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