July 24, 2024

Official: Phillies Finally completed a massive transfer deal of phenomenal reliever from…

Good news for those who were hoping the Phillies would take action: they did, acquiring right-handed reliever Michael Rucker from the Chicago Cubs.

You’ll have to wait if you were hoping for something amazing to happen.

Rucker, who will soon turn thirty, made 35 appearances with the Cubs in 2023, going 2-1 with a 4.91 ERA and contributing 0.1 wins over replacement. In 41 games the previous year, he had a 3.95 ERA, which was better.

It makes sense, even though it might not be a major game-changer for the Phillies. He is taking Andrew Bellatti’s place, who likewise had a poor 2023 season after a disastrous 2022 campaign. Bellatti was out of choices after playing in the minor leagues for the majority of the season. Rucker can be employed as part of the bullpen churn that teams typically need to get through the season because he is younger and still has options.

Rucker will go into training with the opportunity to earn a spot on the Phillies’ Opening Day roster. Even if he doesn’t meet that objective, it appears likely that we’ll see him in the majors at some point this season owing to other relievers’ injuries or inevitable ineffectiveness.

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