July 19, 2024

I’ll horribly deal with him” especially with his present situation” Professional tennis monster Novak Djokovic has received a deadly threats” prior to his illness….

Tomorrow, Alex De Minaur and Novak Djokovic will play in a much awaited Wimbledon quarterfinal. A chance for both, given that Nole had surgery on his right knee’s meniscus about a month ago. After coming back from a two-set deficit to defeat Arthur Fils in four thrilling sets in the fourth round, the Australian tennis player is a little sore when she faces this challenge.

After showing up at the press conference two hours late to finish a treatment at the end of the challenge, De Minaur then tried to reassure everyone.

De Minaur declared himself alright and said that he was eager to meet Novak Djokovic in the Wimbledon quarterfinals in order to prove to the world that he has changed as a player. Right before the match, the Australian had a leg issue and departed the court in some anxiety.

Is Djokovic getting better after surgery? It doesn’t surprise me. That kind of stuff is nothing new to us. He always demonstrates that he is one of those athletes that takes the finest possible care of his physique.

Though there were whispers that he may skip Wimbledon, I had a gut feeling he would return. Thus, I’m not shocked. This clash excites me because I believe I’m a different player. I believe that my belief has gotten stronger with time.

I’m glad to be making progress at Wimbledon and am forward for the upcoming challenge. I view every match as 50/50 no matter who I play. Perhaps I didn’t have that mindset in the past. Considering how successful Novak has been at Wimbledon for so long, I don’t think I need to say much about him. There will be conflict, but it’s the kind of conflict I want to engage in. “I want to use these matches to demonstrate my abilities to everyone,” he said.

Due to an illness he sustained in the Wimbledon quarterfinal match that he lost in five sets to Daniil Medevdev, Jannik Sinner alarmed his supporters and the spectators on Center Court during the change of courts at the start of the third set. There were moments of concern when the young Italian complained of vertigo and requested a medical respite.

The doctor and physiotherapist who intervened took him to the locker room to perform treatments for 11 minutes in total. Sinner then returned to the court and managed to take the match to the 5th sets, also showing that he had recovered – at least partially – from the physical problem that had struck him.

The physio told me it was better to take some time because he looked at me and I didn’t look fit to play. I was struggling physically. It was not an easy moment. I tried to fight with what I had today. That’s it. This morning I was already not feeling well. I had some problems and then the tiredness. It was tough. Nothing to take away from Daniil. I think he played very well, very intelligent tennis. That’s it.

I left the court. I didn’t actually want to leave. I didn’t throw up. But I took some time because I was quite dizzy. Off the court I had the hardest moment maybe. When I came back I did my best. Obviously disappointed about the third set. I had a couple of set points and I couldn’t use them. In the fourth set I raised the level a bit. In the fifth I had a terrible service game that decided the match.

It’s not easy to handle these situations on the court. But it happened. I never thought about retiring. For sure the crowd helped me a lot. I was also surprised that I extended the match. Because I retired a lot two years ago. I don’t want to retire if it’s just a little bit of illness or I’m sick or whatever. I was still in shape to play somehow. The fifth set I felt a little bit better again. The energy level was a little bit higher. But the energy level was not constant.,” he explained.

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