July 19, 2024

Funny story:  Davante Adams on revenge mission”to Josh Jacobs” You hold it down in Green Bay” I’ll hold it down here after the…

Since joining the Raiders, wide receiver Davante Adams has occasionally been the focus of trade rumors. This summer, he received a text from former teammate Josh Jacobs about the possibility of Adams leaving Las Vegas. After signing with Adams’s first NFL club, Jacobs texted Adams, “you thinking about coming back,” along with an eyes emoji, before joining the Packers as a free agent.

More subsequently, Jacobs claimed on NFL Network that he and Adams “joke around with each other a lot” and downplayed any serious consideration of Adams going back to Green Bay. Adams said the remarks was made in fun, even though he believes there may have been some truth to it.

Adams stated on Up & Adams that “it was true, he did send that over.” “Dude, Josh is one of my closest pals. He’s so humorous that others are unaware of his humor. He would like that. It was undoubtedly a joke, but it was one of those jokes where he took himself seriously.

He should hold it down, I told him, and I’ll hold it down over here. I doubt I’ll be returning to that location. After stating that “you never know” what would occur “if they ship me off,” Adams said, “I’m a Raider,” to end the discussion on that subject.

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