July 18, 2024

“Roughly handling: He went too far” Brisbane Broncos service men vow to brutally deal with him for that…

Police have charged a teenager for allegedly texting NRL referee Adam Gee with threatening messages.

The news was initially broken by Phil Rothfield of The Daily Telegraph, when Gee received the letter before the South Sydney Rabbitohs defeated the Brisbane Broncos 22–12 on June 14.

According to Rothfield, Gee instantly contacted the NRL’s integrity unit to report the incident and informed stadium security staff.

The integrity unit then notified the police. Given the serious and terrifying nature of the text message, Gee chose to officiate the game even though he was given the option to step down. Rothfield applauded the NRL’s handling of the situation.

In addition to what was stated in the text message, Rothfield stated on Big Sports Breakfast Weekend, “The NRL is most concerned that a member of the public could get hold of his personal mobile phone and, on game day, just a few hours before the kick-off, send a very concerning or alarming message to the referee.”

“The NRL handled it in a very professional manner.” According to Rothfield, the report indicates that police have since taken into custody a 19-year-old male and accused him of “using a carriage service to menace, harass or offend and intimidate.”

The man is scheduled to appear in Sutherland Local Court this week after receiving a personal violence order. As one of the most seasoned referees in the NRL, Gee has refereed almost 280 games, including the exciting grand final between the Broncos and Penrith Panthers last year.

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