July 19, 2024

FRISCO: As you may remember, a few weeks ago, Dak Prescott stated, “It will happen,” in reference to a contract extension. You might also remember our comment on the Fish Report YouTube channel, where we expressed a different opinion and wrote that the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys might “want out.” (To do that, click this.) Yes, the long-planned contract extension that would have turned the quarterback into a “Cowboy for Life” and smoothed out the inflated $59.4 million cap cost in 2024 is not going to happen. Well, they made a slight adjustment. However, despite all the good talk, nothing constructive has happened. And that made us wonder whether Prescott, agent Todd France, and the front office of Jerry Jones each had different opinions in this situation. That implies that they mightBut Dak is also looking forward to 2025 as a fresh start because he is hesitant to accept any less? Stated differently, what if the Cowboys are aware that Dak might be a free agent this season and are okay with it, while Prescott is content to “bet on himself” in the hopes of earning even more money a year from now? And now here we are. That’s precisely what’s taking place. It has been spoken aloud by Jerry Jones: both sides are “locked in” to the present. Thus, there are no intentions to sign Dak to a contract in 2024. As a result, he becomes a free agent in the spring of 2025, at which point the Cowboys and any other team may make decisions about

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