July 19, 2024

New York Yankees starting pitcher Carlos Rodon (55) gives up a 2-run home run to Houston Astros left fielder Yordan Alvarez (44) during the third inning when the New York Yankees played the Houston Astros Sunday, August 6, 2023 at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, NY. (For the NY POST Photo/Robert Sabo) New York Yankees v Houston Astros

What is this” they refused to listen to me” Yankees professional pitcher” carlos Rodon brutally condemned the Yankees tactics” with few REASONS base on Yankees latest humiliation…..

Did I just dream that? During the first two and a half months of this season, Carlos Rodon looked a lot more like the two-time All-Star that ownership agreed to give $162 million in 2022, following an awful, injury-plagued first season with the New York Yankees in 2023. Now, all the goodwill he cultivated is gone.

Rodon again got off to a sluggish start on the mound, continuing a terrifying decline. In the Yankees’ 5-3 away defeat to the Tampa Bay Rays, he gave up four runs, all in the first inning. Isaac Paredes launched a three-run home ball soon after Randy Arozarena brought in Yandy Diaz with a double down the left field line, giving his club a 4-1 lead that held up against a furious rally by New York in the seventh inning.

Rodon’s biggest problem during his time with the Yankees has been command, and it doesn’t look like he will get any better. Although he has previously managed to turn things around, there is currently little reason for hope. The starting pitcher, 31, is clearly aware of how awful his last five starts have been. After the game, he told reporters, “Just not really giving my team a chance to win, giving up runs early,” according to YES Network. All you need to do is post a zero in the first. Simply attempt to extend anything.

The lefty also mentioned that he is relying a bit too much on his fastball to set the tone early in games instead of mixing up his pitching arsenal from the onset. While it is good to be self-aware, Rodon is clearly not making the necessary adjustments. He continues to struggle and then display negative body language, a troubling trend that must be corrected pronto.

The Yankees (55-38) are falling short as a whole, but Carlos Rodon is one of the players most synonymous with their free fall. A cure is desperately needed for both athlete and club.

Yankees cannot stop the bleeding

What was once the consensus best team in the American League is currently one of the worst. New York has lost 17 of its last 23 games, failing to even take advantage of a home series against the Cincinnati Reds last week. The Yanks are getting thumped by sub-.500 squads and surging rivals like the New York Mets and Boston Red Sox.

A three-game divisional deficit feels insurmountable the way they are playing this summer. The lineup again appears too superstar-dependent and the pitching staff is erratic as ever. Some upgrades can be made of course, but this mess might not be cleaned up so easily. It has taken a collective effort to reach this nadir and will probably require a collective effort to return to the MLB’s zenith.

Though, one has to assume that if Carlos Rodon can rediscover his early season form (2.95 ERA in first 11 starts), then fortunes might begin to change. His woes are emblematic of the Yankees’ massive skid, so perhaps he can spike their momentum with a couple of stellar starts.

Rodon discussed the possibility of tweaking his routine in order to come out of the gate strong. No changes can be considered too drastic based on how things are going for him and the team. New York has not won a series in almost a month and will have to beat the Rays on Wednesday night if it hopes to change that before the weekend.

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