July 19, 2024

Ronnie news: “I adore him” I watch snooker just because of him” professional snooker Ronnie O’Sullivan has just been placed in another level after his recent progress” report.

Ronnie O’Sullivan was a keen observer as snooker fan Novak Djokovic got his 2024 Wimbledon campaign off to a winning start on Tuesday.

At SW19, the Rocket was in the Serbian’s box on Center Court as Djokovic easily defeated Vit Kopriva. Both O’Sullivan and Djokovic have had extended runs at the pinnacle of their respective sports, and it’s safe to say that their shared love of victory is mutual.

While Djokovic has won Wimbledon seven times, O’Sullivan has shared the title of Crucible champion as many times.

One less of Djokovic’s record-tying 24 men’s Grand Slam trophies, the Rocket has amassed a record 23 Triple Crown titles.

After their initial meeting, it seems that the two have formed a new bond, and the former world number one in tennis may even be taking a snooker lesson.

“I adore him. During his press conference after the match, Novak Djokovic stated, “I watch snooker just because of him.” “When I was younger, I watched. To be honest, I saw him perform a long time ago. My dad was an avid snooker fan.

“I just focused on Ronnie.” I would not watch when he wasn’t playing. We recently had our first meeting and conversation, and it went really well. He was one of the all-time greats in sports that I grew up watching.

It was so pleasant to have him nearby. I really hope we can play some snooker because I’m not very good at it. I can play billiards and pool okay, but snooker? I gave it two tries, and both times I failed miserably.

It’s incredible. He is quite amusing, a wonderful gentleman, and a genuinely nice person.

In the second round, Djokovic will play British wildcard Jacob Fearnley in an attempt to match Roger Federer’s record of eight Wimbledon victories.

Later in July, O’Sullivan will make his next appearance on the green baize when he attempts to defend the coveted Shanghai Masters.

O’Sullivan is aiming to win the silverware in China for the sixth time during the invitation-only competition, which takes place at the Shanghai Grand Stage from July 15 to July 21.

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