July 23, 2024

A Die hard fan: He’s so special” they should be giving him a historic reward” 16 years old Ipswich fan has totally gone crazy in support of Kieran McKenna Ipswich” base on the recent happenings” report.

In a tribute to his beloved Ipswich Town, a football fan said he felt “on top of the world” as he drove up to his school prom on a tractor that turned heads. Wearing a blue suit and a Town shirt in the Hawaiian style, Evan, of Brantham, Suffolk, turned up to Manningtree High School in Essex on a large green and yellow tractor.

The 16-year-old was shocked to learn that his mother, Angela,57, had succeeded in obtaining the farming vehicle, as he had no idea it would be available. “I thought instead of getting a normal car I may as well get a tractor as it would be quite cool and stand out and it all links [to Ipswich Town],” said Evan.

“I don’t think people actually thought I would get a tractor and I was slightly nervous driving in to school but then I thought ‘this is sick because I am in a tractor’.”It felt like the world was on top of me.” Conor Chaplin is Evan’s favorite player, and he only missed three of the Ipswich Town home games as the side won promotion to the Premier League last year.

His mother and grandfather have always supported the team; Angela grew up witnessing the squad win the FA Cup. She contacted a nearby business and was able to arrange for a free tractor rental.

It was good to try something different, so even though I wasn’t sure it would work out, I’m glad it did,” Angela said.

“I was so chuffed when it came together and I had a big beaming smile on my face when this massive tractor turned up – it was a really lovely feeling.”It was funny because there were a lot of fancy automobiles there and then this enormous tractor that towered over everyone arrived through the gates.

” Evan is currently preparing to attend college in Colchester or Suffolk to study math, chemistry, physics, and history after making his mark at Manningtree High School.

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