July 18, 2024

Total submission: He do turn out to be the best in the world” professional snooker legend Ronnie O’Sullivan declared after latest downcast..

On Sunday, June 23, the legendary snooker player Ronnie O’Sullivan made an appearance at a rally in support of independent candidate Faiza Shaheen, praising her “passion” for Chingford and Woodford Green. Speaking ahead of O’Sullivan at the more than 200-person Woodford Rugby Club demonstration, Faiza started off by mentioning the circumstances behind her deselection from last month, stating: “We’re not going to put up with injustice.” We are aware that we won’t put up with someone working diligently for years only to have them removed at the last minute.

She made reference to Labour leader Keir Starmer’s statement to BBC News after her defeat, saying, “We are good enough, high quality enough, to represent ourselves.” She went on, “We don’t need someone parachuted in from the other side of London. [Our constituency is] amazing, and we have the ability to change history and change politics. Everyone is going to know who we are on July 4th; we are going to be the most famous constituency in this country. David Beckham and Harry Kane will be like, ‘Oh yeah we’re from Chingford!'”

“We’re a special place, we’re the forest, we’re the city, we don’t say our t’s, and we’re this diverse and beautiful community,” she continued, drawing applause and laughter from the assembled people. Something truly unique is taking place here. Shaheen remarked, “I loved snooker for a really long time. Me and my sister would watch snooker on the TV.” before introducing O’Sullivan. He really is the best, what more can I say?

As soon as he took the platform, O’Sullivan gave an explanation of his motivation for backing Shaheen, saying, “The thing that I can recognise is passion.” I’ve seen the wealthy and powerful throughout my life, and they don’t seem to care all that much. To be very honest, those at the top don’t give a damn about the average person; they are only concerned with business and money.

Describing Shaheen as “feisty” and “strong”, he said: “I lost a lot of faith in politics but I met Faiza and she…restored my faith.”

The snooker champion also took aim at Shama Tatler, the Labour candidate who is locally known as ‘Towerblock Tatler’ in Brent, where she is a councillor. He said: “Why would you install someone from out of the community? I heard she likes a tower block. If you’re someone who wants to keep the place green, healthy…vote for Faiza.”

He wrapped up his speech by pushing the congregation of supporters to back Faiza at the ballot box, saying: “If we can pull this off, this would be a major, major change for our country. If Faiza doesn’t get in, we’ve missed a trick.”

The other candidates standing in Chingford and Woodford Green are incumbent Iain Duncan Smith (Conservative), Shama Tatler (Labour), Josh Hadley (Liberal Democrats), Paul Luggeri (Reform Party), and Chris Brody (Independent, formerly Green Party).

Chris was suspended by the Green Party last week after a blog post in which he confessed to a sexual assault. He made the confession in a now deleted personal blog which details his struggles with bi-polar disorder.

The Echo understands that the left-wing party will conduct an investigation into the blog posts following the 4th July general election.


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