July 24, 2024

NFL Blast: Steelers professional Quarterback Justin field has been brutally disgrace by a known press after been compared to Russell Wilson…

Ezoic The quarterback room of the Pittsburgh Steelers is very different now than it did in 2023. The Steelers’ two most well-known quarterbacks going into the 2024 NFL season are Russell Wilson and Justin Fields; in the previous season, the QB duties were split between Kenny Pickett, Mitchell Trubisky, and Mason Rudolph. Well, Pittsburgh no longer has Pickett, Trubisky, or Rudolph.

NFL insider there’s no Pittsburgh Steelers QB competition

Fields’ prospects of taking over as the starting quarterback are still open, according to Pittsburgh head coach Mike Tomlin, even though Wilson is projected to start for the Steelers in Week 1. Nevertheless, Pittsburgh insider Mark Kaboly stated that he does not believe Pittsburgh is engaged in a true quarterbacking fight.

Fields is not a very accomplished quarterback; Wilson is. He’s a nine-time Pro Bowl player with a Super Bowl ring. Fields, who had quite the experience under center with the Chicago Bears, has the youth and opportunity to make a difference in Pittsburgh. That is, if he gets the chance to play for the Steelers, as Wilson seems to be at the top of the QB hierarchy.

Wilson is also coming off a disappointing season with his previous team, as he failed to live up to the expectations the Denver Broncos had of him after making a trade deal with the Seattle Seahawks and signing a massive five-year extension. With a one-year contract with the Steelers, Wilson will try to turn around his already declining career.


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