July 23, 2024

What A Bad Moment: Kieran Trippier wife is so unbelievable” After so many years with Kieran” she just changed..

After raising concerns about a potential divorce from her husband Kieran Trippier, Charlotte Trippier has come under fire. It is said that his pals may have vented their anger to him. Prior to England’s dull 0-0 victory over Slovenia on Monday, June 24, 2024, the wife of Newcastle player Kieran posted a mysterious message on her Instagram story. It said, “Sooner or later you get over the s*** you swore you’d never get over and it’s the best feeling in the world.”

“The sun is shining,” she had then written as a caption. Angels, happy Monday.” Although Charlotte usually keeps a low profile, football fans have taken notice of her since she stopped following the England international on social media. The Mail Online reports that his friends have since criticized her for the timing of her message.

Charlotte was criticized by one of them for compromising her typically reserved demeanor, asking: “What in the world was Charlotte playing at? Why would she act in such way? Despite not being in Germany, she is fully aware of the consequences of her post.

The friend continued: “they have always been a private couple so to do this on such a big day, when England are under so much criticism for how they are playing seems ill thought-out.” Despite the fact that some of Kieran Trippier’s friends maintain that Charlotte’s outburst has had no impact on his play at the UEFA European Championship, which began earlier in June, another friend added, “It is far from ideal, there was absolutely no need to put their marriage out into the public domain like this.” Representatives for Kieran have been contacted by The Daily Mirror for comments.

The mother of three hasn’t acknowledged that her since-deleted tweet was a jab at her spouse, but her conspicuous absence from the German stadiums has further heightened suspicions about her marriage as she is frequently seen supporting her partner, who she was last seen on Instagram on May 12.

Instead, Charlotte announced this week that she was doing the school run for her son and daughter, respectively aged eight and five years old. She shares a third child with Kieran, but none have flown over to Germany to support him

After Kieran and Charlotte first laid eyes on each other in 2014, the football player became enamored with each other and proposed a year later. In 2016, they got married. As previously said, Charlotte, who is regarded as one of the more reserved WAGs, gave birth to their first kid, Jacob, in December 2016. After that, in February 2020, the couple received their daughter Esme Rose, and in 2022, they welcomed a second child to complete their family.



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