“That’s why I don’t like they ass,” Telfair added on Boston fans.

In hindsight, regardless of how Telfair feels, the Celtics made the right decision. Sticking with Rondo, who too, wasn’t the most patient as a young up-and-coming star guard, paid off tremendously. Rondo became a homegrown All-Star facilitator, making scoring for Pierce, Garnett and Allen, infinitely easier throughout their two runs to the NBA Finals.

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Telfair still stuck around the league, packaged in Boston’s 2007 summer trade for Garnett with the Timberwolves. From there, Telfair logged his best campaign in 2007-08, averaging 9.3 points and 5.9 assists, helping him earn a three-year extension with Minnesota.

Yet, while Telfair could be regarded as an inadvertent contributor to Boston’s 2008 title, he’s taking no positives from having sported a Celtics uniform.

“I don’t wanna go into all the details about Boston BS, but I think my timing with being at Boston was terrible,” Telfair explained. “Doc Rivers was the coach. We had a bunch of young guys. Paul Pierce was there. I think I spoke about this a little bit, I think my timing and me coming in with my hype and that group of guys with Tony Allen, Delonte West, (Rajon) Rondo, Al Jefferson and (Kendrick) Perkins, Paul Pierce — yeah, that was terrible for me.”