July 19, 2024

Shocking news: Sauce Gardner is finally leaving New York jets” After purchasing a golf worth over…

Cornerback Sauce Gardner of the New York Jets isn’t exactly struggling financially right now. Entering year three of a four-year rookie contract for $38.7 million fully guaranteed, the former NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year has the kind of money that can excuse almost any purchase, no matter how foolish.

Put that away. Gardner just made a purchase—of all places, at the golf course—that cannot be justified.

The lockdown corner picked up the game for the first time in April 2023 when he participated in an alumni outing for his alma mater, the University of Cincinnati.

Yes, Sauce, straight is the best. However, this film demonstrated his eagerness and willingness to learn. Gardner tweeted on Wednesday, more than a year later, that he had never been addicted to anything other than golf. That’s what we refer to as “the bug,” people.

All kidding aside, if we had to offer Gardner advise as a novice, it would be to choose the TopFlites rather from the priciest balls, such as ProV1s or TaylorMade TP5, which he said would cost you less than $60. You have to go cheap if you plan on going all out with creation. When will you need a sleeve of Slazengers?

But when you learn that TaylorMade actually creates balls bearing Sauce Gardner’s likeness—which also happen to cost $54.99), this tale takes an unexpected turn. Sauce is either receiving these for free or is aware of the cost, appreciates the value of a dollar, and detests losing them. With that in mind, respect. However, as of right now, TopFlites.

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