July 19, 2024

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The Detroit Lions had to be ready to adjust as losing Jonah Jackson looked more and more likely while maintaining a strong offensive line.

With the signing of experienced guard Kevin Zeitler on a fair one-year contract, they appear to have improved the greatest offensive line in the world. For many veterans with well established roles on a team, the benefits of non-padded OTA sessions are not that great. Zeitler missed the last two games of the Baltimore Ravens’ regular season due to knee and ankle issues as well.

For the Ravens, Zeitler made a comeback to the field during the postseason; nonetheless, it’s reasonable to assume that he might have some residual effects, and that in the event of an injury (or injury recovery), rest is preferable than practicing during OTAs.

During OTAs, rookie Christian Mahogany undoubtedly profited from receiving a lot of practice at right guard. Unfortunately, Zeitler did not take part in on-field training at any open-to-the-media OTA practices during his mandated minicamp stay. There may be reason for alarm if allegations of his lack of practice involvement continue when training camp begins next month.

But at 34 years old entering his 13th NFL season, Zeitler missing practice in May and June is not a big thing. The team, or a least a pertinent member of the coaching staff, appears to agree.

Zeitler has spent the last 12 seasons playing for four different clubs (the Bengals, Browns, Giants, and Ravens). He has excelled in a range of offensive schemes. As Zeitler adjusts to what the Lions do, offensive line coach Hank Fraley recently stated, via Lions Wire, that it might just be a question of digging up some old technique.

“He’s got a lot of experience,” Fraley said. “He’s doing new things, a little bit of new technique maybe he hasn’t been asked in a while to do. Offensively, we do a lot here, a lot of variety, and it’s been fun for him. Some of it can be challenging for him, which is good, to keep you engaged. So it’s been good for the room, and these guys get along, they gel and he’s been professional. I think that’s what guys get to see

Fraley said he expects Zeitler will be ready to go for training camp. Fraley also noted the struggle offensive and defensive lineman have to get substantive work done without pads on during OTAs.

We’ll really get it when training camp comes up front,” Fraley said. “When the pads go on. We like to joke around, this is like being in underwear for us up front. D-line and O-line, it’s tough. That’s where we’re going to join, get it

Thus, it is not a huge problem that Zeitler does not take part in OTA practices. When the team reassembles for training camp, pads go on, and serious work to prepare for the season begins, expect him to be fired up and ready to go.

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