July 19, 2024

Formula1 Riot: I can’t wait to see you die for me to take over” Fernando Alonso received the most shocking threats of his life from opponent…

Driver Fernando Alonso of Aston Martin stammered during the Spanish Grand Prix, so he sent out a four-word statement of purpose. The British manufacturer’s performance on Sunday was one to forget as their form continued to deteriorate. On Sunday, Alonso, 42, had to settle for 12th place, while teammate Lance Stroll, who also had trouble getting into the front half of the grid, finished in 14th.

In the last three Formula 1 races, the Spanish Grand Prix represented the second occasion that an Aston Martin has failed to place among the top 10. After a very strong start to the season, Alonso and Stroll, who are ranked ninth and eleventh in the drivers’ standings, have unable to sustain their level of performance.

Furthermore, Alonso, who is 17 years Stroll’s older, is assuming responsibility for motivating a change in performance. Nevertheless, the two-time world champion has a straightforward lesson to share: “Speak less, perform more.”

Following Sunday’s outcome, the Spaniard told reporters, “It is frustrating but there’s nothing you can do now so you start thinking in Austria immediately when you see the chequered flag and what you can do differently.” “But because it has some Barcelona features, like the long corners, I think it’s going to hurt too.

“It’s probably going to be another difficult weekend, also in Silverstone. We can’t become very irritated. It’s time to put in more effort, say less, and accomplish more. We wish to carry it out.”

With the exception of early retirements, Alonso has just twice in his previous 20 home Grand Prix efforts ended lower than 12th. In his first Formula One season with Minardi in 2001, he finished 13th in one of the races, and 20 years later, in another, he finished 17th.

The next opportunity for Aston Martin to demonstrate these advancements will come next Sunday when the season returns to Austria. The next race on the schedule is Silverstone, where Alonso won his second British Grand Prix back in 2011.


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