July 23, 2024

Shocking news: Raiders Antonio Pierce has commanded his favourite star to abide by his new rules or leave las vegas raiders just after he..

The Raiders in Las Vegas are doing everything in their power to ensure that they make the next move, which they came dangerously close to making in the last campaign. They were just a few wins away from qualifying for the postseason and perhaps even winning their first postseason match in two decades. Thus, the purpose of their practice attempts at new things is to ensure that they make every effort to take that step. They are doing precisely that. With Antonio Pierce taking over as head coach, operations will be conducted unique. We’ve already noticed a shift in the culture, and now that we’ve seen his current methods, we can also see a significant difference.

The Raiders have implemented a new strategy at practice that may benefit every team.

You may have noticed that the Raiders have giant screens on the side of the field. Well, those are there for a good reason.

“The big screen on the practice field – after we get done doing our little period, we are able to go back and watch the film and get it right then and there so we don’t forget, or next time we go out there, and we get the same call, we can adjust just like that,” Tre’Von Moehrig, a Raiders safety “So it definitely helps us get the calls and stuff quicker.”
This is just one of the few things that show that Antonio Pierce is making a difference, whether we see the product in the field yet or not.

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