July 18, 2024

“Tragic Fortune” J.J. McCarthy has finally indirectly revealed his new game plan in style after publicly….

Sam Darnold, the rookie quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings, may keep J.J. McCarthy off the field in 2024. ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reports that the franchise sees its future in the Michigan player selected with the 10th overall pick. Darnold was formerly selected third overall, but Minnesota and head coach Kevin O’Connell had high expectations for him. According to Fowler, Darnold has unrealized potential, which will help McCarthy advance in Year 1.

On SportsCenter, Fowler stated, “And you got JJ McCarthy so the Vikings have a detailed plan for him.” He was clearly the long-term starter and saw a lot of action while playing for Michigan, but not in the kind of high volume passing assault that Minnesota might provide. For this reason, they won’t have to start right away; instead, they will gradually move him along. The Vikings are reportedly very bullish on Sam Darnold, so there’s a chance he receives a genuine redshirt year.

They think there’s unrealized potential in him. Many in the league have always been rather impressed by his skill set, but they have never quite lived up to his potential. The Vikings, however, feel as though they now have a supporting cast that they have never had before. They think he might be able to gain some momentum now that we have the coaches and everything set up.

“The only expectations I put on myself is to know the playbook inside and out, to be the best teammate I could possibly be, show up and work harder than everyone else in this building,” McCarthy said. I don’t know if I can outdo (coach Kevin O’Connell), but I’ll try. But yeah, (those are the) only expectations for myself.”

McCarthy wants to be out there with a loaded offense. But, he has to bide his time, learn and develop for now.

“Being the competitive that I am, of course (I want to play),” McCarthy said. “But this is such a blessing for me, like I grew up watching Sam Darnold my entire life. And being able to just sit there and watch him, watch Nick (Mullens), watch (Jarren Hall) and it’s not what they say to me. It’s what they do and just being a sponge.

“Just observing them and eventually, hopefully, one day surpassing them, but right now, you know, they’re just phenomenal human beings that are sharing their wisdom with me. And, you know, I just can’t thank them enough for that and I can’t wait for training camp.”

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