July 19, 2024

“This is ridiculous” Vikings hero has been brutally and totally condemned in a dangerous draft prediction after offering him a huge odds just to…

J.J. McCarthy’s Vikings Nopedy Nopes Beginning immediately, Kirk Cousins trades, Jefferson serves as bait
We won’t be purchasing the weekly Minnesota Vikings-themed goods known as the nopedy nopes. We hope you enjoy this little diversion from our rumor mill. In the history of the series, this is the eighth batch of Vikings nopedy nopes.

The Nopedy Nope: There’s a good probability J.J. McCarthy will start for the Vikings in Week 1.

McCarthy’s chances of starting for Minnesota in Week 1 are at +150, which is roughly twice as likely as the Denver Nuggets (+280) to win the NBA Championship in June, if that number is to be trusted.

Most of that prop bet will depend on McCarthy’s summer maturation. The Vikings — without any doubt — won’t rush the young man into anything, mainly because they don’t have to. That’s what Sam Darnold is for. He was signed to a handsome backup quarterback contract, in line with deals generally offered to patchover quarterbacks.

It would be outstanding if McCarthy blows everyone out of the water this summer and ascends to QB1. But we’re not buying it. It’s Darnold, at least for a while.

The Nopedy Nope: Minnesota was attempting to acquire the third overall choice in the draft from the New England Patriots by using Justin Jefferson as trade bait.

Some folks — mainly New England Patriots fans — suggested that Justin Jefferson could be included in a draft-night trade between New England and Minnesota. Unsurprisingly, that was just fan-driven fodder.

“Connor wants me to say the Vikings offered Justin Jefferson to get up to No. 3. No, they did not. They offered various pick packages to get up there. The Vikings had the most discussions with the Patriots … Clearly, the Patriots were determined to stick where they were,” Schefter said.

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