July 18, 2024

“This is crazy” €20 millions manager set to revoke westham for a strange club” after Monday meeting…

Football drama is always fun to watch, and West Ham United fans had plenty of it on Monday night when Ruben Amorim boarded a private plane for negotiations in England.

The team that had been most closely associated with Amorim was Liverpool, but it’s important to remember that the Portuguese media had repeatedly stated that it wasn’t a given that he would transfer from Sporting to Anfield.

Although Liverpool may have some appeal, a significant effort has been made to keep him at Sporting, and the towel hasn’t been thrown in.

According to a record report, the manager might turn down a transfer to the Premier League as well as offers from West Ham and Liverpool.

Even after Amorim’s visit to West Ham, that position doesn’t change.

According to them, he will not be playing for any English club in the upcoming season. This is the sole certainty that is known, according to a source close to the coach.
The record also states that West Ham was “trying a seduction manoeuvre,” but “that did not work out.”

According to this particular Portuguese newspaper, he won’t be playing for either team next season, the Liverpool option isn’t solid, and the West Ham strategy hasn’t yet proven effective.

It remains to be seen if this is merely Portuguese bluster.
Not to be overlooked is Ruben Amorim’s €20 million release clause. There’s a chance it will decrease, and there are differing reports on how likely a discount is.

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