July 24, 2024

He has to come here in Vikings” have got many plans for him” Kevin O’Connell demand for fresh talent…

At kicker, the Minnesota Vikings are in dire need. I salute you if you read that the way Invader Zim stated it. Although there are many ways to approach the role, Jake Bates is putting out a strong argument for why he ought to be the one to fill it.

One of the more remarkable games of the football season is taking place if you haven’t been watching the United Football League. Bates, the Michigan Panthers’ kicker, has amazed everyone with his powerful leg.

In his first two weeks, Bates kicked a game-winning 64-yard field goal, 62-yard field goal and 55-yard field goal. Oh, and he didn’t attempt a single field goal in college. On Saturday, Bates did it again from 49 yards with about 15+ yards to spare.

Bates looks to be the next kicker that comes from relative obscurity to being one of the better kickers in the National Football League.

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