July 19, 2024

Fernando Alonso reign close to end as ‘factions want F1 race-winner to replace him…

Although Fernando Alonso finished eighth in his debut season as an Aston Martin F1 driver last year, there are apparently still some at Silverstone who want to replace the Spaniard.

Carlos Sainz is allegedly the preferred replacement for Fernando Alonso among certain Aston Martin employees.
In their inaugural season with the Silverstone-based team last year, Alonso had great success. Throughout the season, he finished fourth in the drivers’ championship with more than twice as many points as teammate Lance Stroll. He also scored eight podiums.

However, not everyone at Aston Martin appears to be dedicated to working with the veteran of Formula One in the future. There are “factions” among the staff who like to see Alonso go, according to Motorsport.com.

They reportedly want one Spanish race-winner replaced with another, given the availability of Sainz. The 29-year-old is on the move at the end of the year after Ferrari chose to give his seat to Lewis Hamilton.

Sainzhas started the season strongly regardless with a win and two more podiums. That impressive form has attracted interest from top teams – Mercedes definitely need a new driver to replace Hamilton, while Red Bull could choose to bring in a fresh face instead of Sergio Perez.

ButAston Martin could also be on that list of parties interested in the Madrid-born racer’s services. As well as Audi, the Motorsport.com report suggests the team owner by Canadian billionaire businessman Lawrence Stroll could also be in contention for his signature.

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