July 18, 2024

Worst insult: Micah Parsons has been brutally disgraced by NFC well known coach after calling him a…..

Micah Parsons has proven himself worthy of being ranked among the NFL’s best linebackers. Since his first season, he has dominated and nearly broken the records for the most sacks in a season. There is one defensive coordinator in the NFL who disagrees with the general view among front office executives and all NFL teams that Parsons is a star.

revealed on the Yahoo Fantasy Football Show that despite Micah Parsons‘ impressive performances, he is looked down upon by a defensive coordinator. The coach argued Parsons doesn’t perform for the Cowboys in clutch moments.

I was talking to a defensive coach from another team about this…on one hand, we see Micah’s sack numbers, we see what he can do but it’s like think about the biggest games they have, the games against San Francisco, the playoff games…what did Micah do in those games? Epstein said.  Thecoach here is referring to Parsons as a player who does not show up when his team needs him the most. It is an interesting take because ultimately, the notion that an individual player’s performance cannot make or break a game seems to have gone out of the window here.

TheDallas Cowboys’ two worst losses came from their playoff loss to the Green Bay Packers and their Week 5 loss to the San Francisco 49ers; Parsons did not play a major role in either of these games.

Trevon Diggs called out the anonymous HC’s opinion on Micah Parsons as pathetic

The defensive coach in question went as far as to say that Parsons is a Hall of Fame player when the Cowboys are winning but whenever the team needs him the most, he’s a pretty average player.

When the Cowboys are winning, Micah is a Hall of Fame player, when the Cowboys need him the most, he’s pretty average. Coach said.

This take infuriated fans and a teammate of Micah Parsons. Trevon Diggs, the cornerback called out the ‘anonymous’ coach who shared this opinion and called him a “Pathetic coach.”

It is ridiculous to see the hate Parsons gets. Maybe a reason for that is since he stepped into the league, the expectations from him have been sky-high with some calling him the second-coming of Lawrence Taylor.

In the NFL, stars have good games and bad games but what separates them is if they are able to show up when their team needs them the most.

As per Epstein, some defensive coaches clearly believe Parsons is not a player they can rely upon to show up when the team needs him the most. There may be some merit to this take but when you take into account the fact that this opinion is being based on the two biggest beat downs of the Dallas Cowboys this season, it seems unfair.

When the momentum in a game is largely against you, it becomes nearly impossible for one player to have any sort of impact even if he tries. Parsons is certainly a star but maybe it will take him some more time to be considered as one by all coaches.


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