July 18, 2024

Laura Kenny, the British women’s most successful Olympian, has announced her retirement from cycling following a dazzling career that saw her win five gold medals at the Olympics. Kenny told the BBC that she knew it was time to “hang that bike up” after giving birth to her second kid last year. Among Kenny’s many sparkling awards are seven World Championship victories. Rowsell, Kenny, and Archibald reminisce about their time at the London Velodrome. COMMERCIAL Legendary British cyclist Laura Kenny has declared her retirement from competitive cycling, stating that she felt it was “the right time” to give it up. At three different Games—London, Rio de Janeiro, and Tokyo—Kenny won five gold medals in the track, making her the most decorated female Olympian in British history.After giving birth to her second kid in July, Kenny told the BBC that she had decided it was time to give up on the sport. “I always had a gut feeling that I would know when the moment was perfect. It’s time for me to hang up my bike, even though I’ve had an incredible time,” she remarked. “It’s been in my head a little while, the sacrifices of leaving the children and your family at home are really quite big and it really is a big decision to make.”I was finding it harder and harder to do that. More people were inquiring about my races and training camps; in the end, I didn’t want to go, and that’s what it

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