July 19, 2024

NFL: Sheila Ford Hamp Top 5 edge rushers who could soon join the Lions in free agency after formal suggestions…

The second part of February has arrived. It’s time to discuss the Detroit Lions’ free agent prospects now. This is the action we will take. I’ll organize everything according to needs. We will first release a list of individuals to keep an eye on for the Lions. In subsequent articles, we will analyze the contributions that each of those players may provide to the team and the associated costs. First, let’s talk about edge rushers.

Josh Allen

You have to dream big to start things off. Allen was a monster for the Jaguars last season when he racked up 17.5 sacks. The franchise tag probability on him is high, but if he makes it to free agency, the Lions have to jump on him.

Danielle Hunter

A favorite around here for sure. Hunter has been terrorizing the Lions for years and it would be nice to have him on their side for once. It would seem like maybe the Vikings are ready to finally do that rebuild thing, so they may be looking to part with Hunter to save money.

Brian Burns

A guy Lions fans really wanted at the trade deadline. The Panthers pulled him off the market then and they could do it again with a franchise tag. If they don’t, my guess is that he’s going to be looking for a new place to play.

Bryce Huff

An intriguing option for sure. He managed to rack up eight sacks in 2023 despite not being a starter for the Jets. The reason he didn’t start is because that Jet’s line is loaded. He’s a guy that could be looking for a starting role somewhere in 2024.

D.J. Wonnum

If you can’t get Hunter, there’s a cheaper alternative from the Vikings. A younger one too. Wonnum had 8 sacks in 14 starts for the Vikings last year. He’s had 23 in 31 total games. He can get to the quarterback.

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