July 19, 2024

Ruthless: Raiders viper demand for new recruit this offseason…

The Las Vegas Raiders need to make some decisions this offseason in both free agency and the draft if they want to advance. They were on the verge of qualifying for the playoffs, and with Antonio Pierce leading the squad the entire season and some acquisitions where they are required, this team might actually make it.

Prioritizing free agency over the NFL draft is necessary because it occurs before the latter. The Raiders will have approximately $44 million in cap space available, which presently ranks them 11th in the league, meaning they have plenty of money to spend as well. This information comes from Spotrac.

That’s enough money to snag some really good players and maybe even the best player in all of free agency. Then you add in that Maxx Crosby already wants him, too.

“I mean, I would take Chris Jones in a heartbeat,” stated Crosby. “I am very familiar with Chris. There are, after all, a ton of excellent defensive tackles available in free agency. It would be fantastic, I promise. When it comes to his craft, Chris Jones is among the greatest in the game, if not the best. I understand that he is a Chief, but come on down to the Raiders if you want to attend. I wholeheartedly support it.”

Now, some Raiders fans will get mad at that because Jones is on the Chiefs; however, here is where you have to put that rivalry to the side. Jones is, in fact, the best defensive tackle in the game, and that just so happens to be the Raiders’ biggest need.

Accordingto A to Z Sports’ Free Agency Projections, Chris Jones is projected to get a deal for around four years, $110M, $27.5 million average per year, $65 million fully guaranteed. The Raiders can certainly afford that, but it would keep them from getting to add as much as they could if they don’t go in that direction.

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