July 23, 2024

Raiders’ Maxx Crosby stands on what he said regarding potential trade request…

In order to make room for their finest player for the 2024 season, the Las Vegas Raiders asked to be traded to another team. If my memory serves me well, Crosby informed everyone that if Antonio Pierce wasn’t chosen to take over as the Silver and Black’s next head coach, then nothing would be off the table in terms of a team transfer.

Now, obviously, Crosby is still with the Raiders and hasn’t put in a request, but that’s because it sounds like the Raiders and owner Mark Davis heard him loud and clearly. They hired Antonio Pierce as the head coach for the foreseeable future, and now there is some sort of stability moving forward, which is all Crosby wanted.

But he recently mentioned that he wasn’t lying about what he said. He is standing on it all.

“I mean, that’s sort of what it looked like for the outside world,” Crosby told Heavy Sports. “There are some things I can’t necessarily get into, but there are a lot more details that are between myself and everybody involved. It is what it is. I still stand by what I said. I was very, very passionate about that. I’ve been here for five years, going on six now. And I’ve earned the right to have an opinion and share how I feel.

“I put in the work every single day. To this day, I’m in the building more than anybody. I do it every day, I put my body on the line for this team and this organization. So you know, there are certain things going on behind the scenes. I won’t get into it. It is what it is. But we move forward. Me and Mark [Davis] are great, everybody’s great. We’re just here to win, and that’s all that matters.”

Crosby was very passionate about Pierce being the head coach, so much so he was willing to play for a different team. He is even more passionate about winning but doing it as a Raider. If he wasn’t, he wouldn’t have wanted his voice heard so badly.

Now Pierce is getting his own staff in the building. This is all that Crosby wanted. If they can win and get better than last season, when they were close to a playoff appearance, then the Raiders shouldn’t have to worry about a trade request anytime soon.


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