July 23, 2024

‘SICKENING!’ March 11Saquon Barkley and Micah Parsons, two edge rushers with the Dallas Cowboys, are friends and Penn State alumni. Thus, Micah may personally be pleased for Barkley. But then learning that Giants running back Barkley will be staying in the NFC East to play for the Philadelphia Eagles after witnessing his own starting running back Tony Pollard leave for the Tennessee Titans? Parsons remarked on X, “Sickening,” along with laughing emojis. Micah Saquon Barkley has agreed to a $37.75 million, three-year contract. Undoubtedly, Parsons had hoped that the Cowboys would pay Barkley instead, but he will now face him twice a year in the NFC East. In 14 games during the 2023 campaign, Barkley gained 962 yards in rushing with sixMARCH 8TH FINANCIAL TRANSACTION The Cowboys have, as anticipated, moved a chunk of guard Zack Martin’s pay to future years, “flipping the switch” and freeing up $13 million. The simple bookkeeping change, which comes at no expense, should help Dallas get closer to complying with the cap by the time the NFL business year begins on March 11. COMMERCIAL Cowboys: Dak, Scott, Zack, Martin; Cowboys: cap, space, free agency including other actions, including negotiating a cap-helping extension for Dak Prescott, which appears to be in limbo right now, this move by the Cowboys was well-planned. (The new $255.4 million cap, a welcome surprise for teams having to make difficult decisions, lessens the urgency a little.) COMMERCIAL Noteworthy: A “void year” might be added to the Martin transaction in order to

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